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Amati Industrial

About Our Company

Amati Industrial Staplers and Die Components Co. Ltd. is delighted to serve you.

Since 1976 in the automotive supply industry, and since 1984 in mold making (metal and plastic), white goods, defense, and aviation sectors, our company has been operating based on trust. As a brand where 45 years of experience, knowledge, and tradition of Raşit Yılmaz meet innovation under the Amati Group umbrella, we continue to serve.

Amati Industrial continues its services in the sector with its innovative production line that follows the latest technology. Our company, which continuously educates and renews itself according to current conditions, sees the firms it works with as business partners and creates added value by producing special products for them.

The reliability and quality of our company are proven by our extensive reference list, which includes significant brands such as VESTEL, MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation), BIÇAKÇILAR Medical Devices, ALVIMEDICA, VORNE, EJOTTEZMAK, IVECO, TOFAŞ, and OTOYOL. As Amati Industrial, we would be delighted to work with you.


  • Akermak Teknik Hırd
  • Aksan Kalıp
  • Alvimedica TIbbi Ürünler
  • Aslar Pres
  • Tıbbi Cihazlar
  • Bilgi Teknik
  • Defne Kalıp
  • Electricfil Onifil Otomotiv
  • Enamak Makine
  • İleri Kalıpçılık
  • Kale Kilit
  • Legrand Elektrik
  • Model Kalıp
  • NBR Makine
  • Onka Elektrik
  • Onur Hird
  • Procast Metal
  • Reform Civata
  • Samet Kalıp
  • Samet San
  • Samet Teknik
  • Silver Elektronik
  • Spinner Takım Tezgahlan

General Information and Our Recommendations:

Special manufacturing is carried out according to technical drawings and sample parts. With our experienced technical team and CNC die-sinking and wire EDM, CNC lathes and milling machines, centerless grinding, surface grinding, and special manufacturing benches available in our facility, we provide the fastest service in accordance with the importance and sensitivity of the task. Our products are guaranteed if the designs and processes in our catalog are followed.

Punches should be calculated according to their own diameter mm 3/2 HRP for right-side drilling. Female die (Matrix) clearances should be calculated accurately. If unknown, information should be obtained from us.

New Products in the Bolt Industry:
While we adopt the principle of meeting the needs in our sector completely in line with the demands of our customers, we also continuously develop ourselves and consider it our duty to produce solutions for the future needs of the industry.

Our Vision

To make Amati Industrial a steadily growing brand that can compete in the global market and to ensure sustainability by being the first choice of our business partners with our service and product quality.

Our Mission

We aim for excellence. We believe in a high-quality world. We dedicate ourselves to our loyal community (colleagues and customers) and strive for excellence in everything we do.

You can reach us for detailed information about our products and services.