Pipe Drilling Punch

Tube punches are tools commonly used to create holes in tubes. These punches are inserted into the tube (mounted on a mold), and a mechanical force is applied to make the hole. They are frequently used in fields such as gas installations and cooling systems, especially for steel tubes.

Before use, wear protective gear like goggles and gloves. It is crucial to stabilize the tube to prevent movement during the punching process.

  • Determine and mark the point where the hole will be created on the tube.
  • Place the tube punch at the marked point.
  • Apply force to the punch to create the hole.
  • After punching, check if the hole is properly formed.


PS ( Powder Metal ) 62 HTC + 1
HSS 1,3343 64 HRC + 2


PS ( Powder Metal ) 62 HTC + 1
HSS 1,3343 64 HRC + 2

Note: a – b – L 1 Dimensions are made to order. There is no standard stock.

Tube punches are generally suitable for metal (steel, aluminum) and plastic tubes. Each punch is designed for a specific material type, so it is important to follow the usage instructions.

The punch should be cleaned and lubricated after use. This extends the tool’s lifespan and ensures more efficient operation. Regular sharpening of the cutting parts is recommended to prevent them from becoming dull.

Tube punches come with various tips to create holes of different sizes. Select the appropriate tip for the desired hole size before proceeding.

It is important to work on a stable and flat surface when using the punch.

In such cases, correct the area around the hole and try punching again appropriately. However, creating too many incorrect holes can compromise the structural integrity of the tube, so caution is advised.