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Matrisler ve Burçlar Özel Üretim

Matrices and Bushes Special Production

As Amati Industrial, we offer innovative solutions for special production needs such as matrices and bushings. With our experience and expertise in the industrial sector, we offer our customers special design and production services to best meet the needs of their businesses.

Pipe Drilling Punch

As Amati Industrial, we offer specially designed punch solutions for industrial pipe drilling operations. Our pipe drilling punches stand out with their strong performance and durable structure and offer solutions that suit the needs of your business.


Lama Stapler Slot Stapler

Amati Industrial is a brand that stands out with its innovative approach in industrial punch solutions. Our flat punch and slot punch products are designed to meet the needs of your business with durability, precision and ease of use.

Launcher and Special Staged Staplers

Launcher and Special Staged Staplers

Amati Industrial offers specially designed ejector and special stage punch solutions for your needs in the industrial sector. We help you increase the efficiency of your business with our high-performance products and excellent service approach.